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Extensive comparative analyses of modern LED flashlights

My goal is to provide objective testing results, in a readable form, to let you decide what flashlight best fits your needs. My reviews are posted on candlepowerforums, to facilitate ongoing discussions with the user community.

My flashlights are expensive to feed with all the runtime tests I perform, so I gratefully accept donations to my Paypal battery fund.

Flashlight Reviews Sorted alphabetically

This is the master list of all my flashlight reviews, in an easily searchable format.


Testing Methods How I do my testing

Provides an overview of my testing methods, with links to additional pages for more details. General background on flashlights is also included.


Chronological List Organized by battery type

An alternate list of all my reviews, arranged by battery type. Lights are sorted by review date, with more recent reviews on top.


Flashlight Resources See my Testing Methods for further resources


Video overviews of each of my flashlights, plus additional background primers.

ANSI FL-1 Standard

Overview of the ANSI/NEMA standard for flashlight testing (FL-1).

Lumen Estimation Method

My lightbox design, and how I have calibrated it for estimated lumens.

Outdoor Beamshots

Overview of all my recent outdoor 100-yard beamshots.

Latest Review: Olight S15R

Olight has recently updated their popular Baton series of lights with new rechargeable versions (known by the "R" addition to the model name). These R-version lights are similar to previous generation Baton lights, except they all come with an Olight-branded 3.7V Li-ion battery, and desktop USB-charging dock.

Given the large number of comparisons required, I've decided to process these into three individual reviews for the S10R (for 1xCR123A/RCR), S15R (for 1x14500/AA/NiMH) and S20R (for 1x18650) separately - starting with the S10R (link above). Please see that review for a comparison of the new S10R to other members in this class.

December 5, 2014

Looking for help to get started? Check out my Flashlight Recommendations page to help you sort through all the different flashlight and battery types currently available.